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Organising your independent EP launch

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

For aspiring musicians, your EP launch isn’t just another gig, but also a celebration of the work you have been putting into your music. You want to demonstrate your musical prowess but also turn your EP launch into a party that reflects the personal brand of your band and helps you stand out from the crowd. Here is how to make your EP launch successful and memorable: Hire some professional quality sound and stage equipment While you might have great musical skills and killer songs, the right equipment helps your songs be heard they way you intend them to be experienced by everyone in the crowd. Remember that if this is a bigger venue than you’ve played before, you may need to hire some equipment with some more grunt than usual. Do a quick run through on the stage lights as well—you may need to bring some additional lighting if the space runs to being a bit gloomy, as some venues can. A party equipment hire service, such as Dancetime Party Hire, can help you with this step. Plant the theme with stage props While you may be playing in a standard venue, you can use stage and party equipment hire to create an atmosphere that reflects your music. If you are taking some inspiration from 80’s funk, hire a giant disco ball. If your music has a 60’s pop vibe, use a bubble machine and beach balls in the crowd to keep things fun. The more you can engage your fans with stage show and stage presence, the more you will be remembered. Don’t be afraid to be a little gimmicky—you need to stand out in the crowded independent music marketplace. Mix up the guest list While you want to invite local music reviewers, presenters and bloggers, you also need to have a strong proportion of loyal followers—family and friends are perfect! Part of the review will be talking about how engaged the crowd is, and people performing reviews by nature tend to stand back and observe rather than getting down to your tunes. Make sure to get lots of photos on the night posted to your social media sites, as you want everyone you can to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ you on social media, so that their friends also see the photos and can discover your music. Keep some surprises up your sleeve Have some elements of your show as a surprise, whether it’s a guest appearance or audience voted cover songs. You want to keep things fresh and not overly rehearsed so your guests get to feel like it was a shared experience rather than a set piece...

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5 Ways to Add Gold to Your Art

Posted by on Nov 5, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you want to make your art extra special and valuable, consider adding some gold to it. There are a number of ways you can beautify a project with gold. Here are five of the options you should consider: 1. Gold Leafing Gold leafing is the process of creating thin leaves made out of gold and attaching them to your art. In spite of the use of the word “leaves”, these gold pieces do not have to be in the same shape as a plant leaf. In fact, you can make any design or simply add a layer of gold or another precious metal to your project. If you have trouble working with sheets of gold leaf, you can buy liquid leaf. That comes in a bottle and can be painted onto projects. You can master this technique by taking lessons through resources such as Art Gilding Academy Pty Ltd. 2. Jewelry Accent Paint with Golden Flakes This special paint is designed to add gold accents to a piece of silver or copper jewelry. It is mainly comprised of silver, but gold specks have been added to it. Applying to your jewelry is as simply as painting it on. If you are not making jewelry and you still want to add golden or metallic accents to a piece, you can use metallic paint. You can buy paints with real gold flakes or just with metallic colours. 3. Gold Clay Gold clay contains mostly gold with a water-based binder. You work with the clay to create the shape you want, but when you fire your sculpture, the water-based binder is naturally vaporised. At that point, you have a real solid gold sculpture. 4. Gold-Focused Performance Art When it comes to creating art with gold, there is no reason to stick to the visual arts. Instead, you can create a performance piece. One artist from Germany did just this. Rather than making something out of gold, this artist buried £10,000 worth of gold pieces in a British beach. He wanted to see what would happen when people found the buried gold. 5. The Golden Ratio You don’t necessarily have to add precious metals to your projects to make them golden. Instead, you can achieve perfection using the golden ratio. Called the Divine Proportion during the Renaissance period, the gold ratio has been discovered in the works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli as well as many other artists. Based on pi, this ratio is 22/7, and it creates a realistic and beautiful feeling in a...

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How are you getting to your wedding?

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

So you’re planning your big day? First off – congratulations! Secondly – prepare yourself. Nobody ever said that planning a wedding was easy. The amount of time, effort and money that goes into your ceremony is unbelievable. There’s so much going on, sometimes something as simple (and essential) as transport to your wedding ceremony location can take an accidental backseat.  These will be two of the most memorable rides of your life: your last as an eligible bachelor or bachelorette, and your first as a groom or blushing bride. Even if you’re only going a few miles down the road, it’s a journey that deserves some serious consideration. Do it properly and choose a travel method that suits you.  Everyone will have their own personal tastes, and depending on the location of your wedding, some of these transportation ideas will be more realistic than others. What’s provided here is an overview of the general pros and cons to each travel method, including a couple of options that perhaps you hadn’t previously considered.  Limousines & Hummers  Always readily available from a variety of companies over Australia and at relatively modest prices, slipping out of a shiny limousine is a sure-fire way to look the part when attending your special day. It all really depends on how high-scale you’d like to go, but any stretch limousine is likely to turn heads. Be warned: if you’re getting married down tight, windy lanes or out in the sticks, a limousine may look classy when you get in – but it’ll look just the opposite attempting to get across dodgy terrain. If you’re tying the knot in a narrow or unconventional location, keep in mind that the limousine may not be the most practical vehicle to arrive in. Hummers, like limousines, are widely available, and despite looking a little more monster-like than a sleek limo, they will conquer the more difficult terrain if this is an issue. Indeed, if you’re getting married in a tricky spot and still fancy a stretch vehicle, then a hummer would be the way to go. Talk to a limousine hire company, such as Geelong Surf Coast Limousines, about your destination and the options for getting there in a stretch vehicle. Horse & Carriage Without wishing to shatter the illusion of the perfect wedding day, one has to be realistic when considering a horse and carriage. Horses are, whichever way you look at it, animals, and will have absolutely no qualms about nipping to the toilet right outside your ceremony. Chances are that the guests will be focusing on the bride to be, but if animal behavior turns your stomach, then this isn’t the way to go. That said, horses are, for the most part, handsome and placid beasts, and they can really add a sense of prestige to your ceremony. Not necessarily the cheapest option, but you certainly won’t forget trotting away from your wedding being pulled by one of these beauties.  Vintage Cars Traditional, elegant and sophisticated, pulling up at your wedding in a classic, vintage car is one of the more popular methods of contemporary wedding transportation. They’re not too clunky or big—meaning they can get to some of the more remote locations and across troublesome terrain without too much difficulty—but most of them are spacious enough to fit a...

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Five Ways to Have Fun on a Boat for Your Hen Party

Posted by on Oct 9, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you are getting married, you deserve the best hen party possible. Instead of heading to the pubs and clubs, consider heading to the docks and jumping on a boat. Chartering a boat for your celebration is a fun and versatile idea, and you can customise the activities to make the event right for you. Here is a look at a few things you can do on the boat at your hen party. 1. Mingle If you are planning a hen party on a boat, you have two options. You can join an existing cruise that allows you to mingle, or you can charter a boat for your own party. If you want to have a last fling where you meet new people and possibly even flirt a bit, a mixed party boat might be the best option for you. If you want something more intimate with your friends and family, then booking your own boat could be ideal. 2. Dance On a chartered boat, you can show off your moves to your favourite tunes. Make a hen party playlist and have that broadcast over the boat’s stereo system, or book a DJ. Many charter boat companies have a list of affiliate DJs who are more than willing to play some songs on the sea. If you want, you may even be able to bring along professional dancers for your amusement, or you could book a dancing coach to learn some new moves for the big day. 3. Sightsee If crazy partying is not for you, consider booking a boat that can take you sightseeing. This is a fabulous way to see some of the coastal historical sites that you have been missing, and it lends an intelligent vibe to your special night. 4. Play Games A healthy relationship can’t be based on games, but your hen party can be. If you are a board game advocate, bring your favourite games and invite your favourite players. Otherwise, consider gambling. You may be able to set up a casino night on your boat. This is a great way to keep your guests entertained and make your party exciting. 5. Take the Weekend Off Instead of booking a boat for an evening, take the weekend off, and join all of your friends for a two to three day extravaganza. Lengthen the distance of your trip, increase the number of activities you can do and create more fun for your friends. A weekend on a boat could be a last sleepover night with your favourite girls, or you could invite hens with their families and have fun all together. If these ideas sound like the ideal way to celebrate your hen night, talk to boat charters such as Sea-Reward...

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How to throw your kid a birthday party they’ll never forget

Posted by on Sep 22, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

A child looks forward to their birthday all year long. It’s the one day when they can be the complete centre of attention, and when they can let loose with family and friends in celebration of being one year older. But for parents, the idea of topping last year’s birthday party is a constant pressure. Fortunately, the world of children’s party entertainment has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and there are all kinds of children’s entertainers and party organisers out there who can make your kid’s party go off with a bang. If you want to be Parent Of The Year, consider these off-the-wall kids’ party ideas. Create a circus in your backyard. If you have a garden big enough, hosting a party in your yard can be a great idea. You can spend the money you save on venue hire on some truly one-of-a-kind performers. Who says that a circus has to be located inside a big top, anyway? You can hire stilt walkers, acrobats, fire jugglers, clowns, and other kinds of circus performers and invite them into your backyard for a how. You can even hire the performers to teach the children a circus skill so they leave the party with an experience they’ll treasure far more than any goodie bag Create a craft party. Kids love to get messy. Anything that involves glue, paint and clay makes them happy and can occupy them for hours on end. Kids also love to take something home from a party, so why not combine the two and create a craft party where kids can shape and paint their own pottery, paint on t-shirts with fabric paint and glitter, and create their own photo frames? If you can hire in a professional, like Herring Colin Bede, who can actually teach the kids how to use equipment like a potter’s wheel, the party will be even more memorable. Create an indoor camping party. Even if you don’t have a huge garden, you can still create an awesome camping party for your child inside your home. Erect tents over the living room and encourage your kids to have fun with traditional camping activities such as singing campfire songs, trying to scare each other with ghost stories, and eating campfire food like melted marshmallows. The best kid’s parties don’t have to elaborate-–they simply have to be fun, creative and inclusive. And with these children’s party ideas, you are certain to give your kid (and his or her friends!) a party they won’t forget in a...

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