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Keep Mozzies Away From Your Pool with these Bug-Repelling Plants

There's nothing like spending time in the pool of an evening to get you relaxed and put you in a great mood. Whether you're swimming or just chilling out and enjoying the cool water, having your own pool is something you'll never regret, especially on hot evenings.

Just one problem: mosquitoes.

Along with other types of biting insects, mozzies can really ruin your day. It's hard to relax while constantly swatting them away, and no matter how hard you try, you're sure to get bitten and be itchy for days. Chemical repellents keep them at bay, but there are some possible health concerns with using them. You could also burn citronella candles, but it's easy to get through a lot of them, which is expensive.

Instead, try planting some of these around your pool, and see if you can repel the bugs naturally.


It's not just a smell created in a laboratory, you know; citronella actually comes from a plant, which, of course, has the same insect-repelling properties as products containing its oil. It isn't as concentrated in its natural form, but having the plant around can still help keep bugs at bay. It's a grassy plant that can grow pretty big, helping its effectiveness.


The smell of lavender's pretty purple flowers is reputed to have a relaxing effect on humans, but mosquitoes can't stand it. It's quite hardy and grows well, so you can surround your pool with it and create an invisible fence that will stop them getting through.


The chemical in this plant that cats love is the exact reason insects hate it. It's not the most attractive plant, looking plain at best, but you can use it alongside others to increase the visual appeal. If you have a cat, they'll also love you for planting catnip, but if you don't, you may find your garden a popular spot for the neighbourhood moggies.


Rosemary's strong scent keeps away mosquitoes and crop-damaging insects, and can also mask the human scent that biting bugs go after. It's easy to grow, shape, and maintain, and you can use it in your cooking too.


One of the substances found in marigolds is actually used in commercial mosquito repellents, and their distinctive aroma is another smell strongly disliked by them. Flowering plants with mosquito-repelling qualities are in a minority, so use them to add a bit of much-needed colour to your poolside bug barrier.

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