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Six Ways to Get More Light at Your Next Event

Light can change the tenor of an event, and if you are planning a corporate party, a wedding or any other type of event, you may be wondering how to maximise the light in your venue. There are lots of options. Here are some tips to help you light it up.

1. Tour Function Venues at the Right Times

To get a sense of how much light you are going to have at a particular function venue, you should take the time to tour it. Keep in mind, however, that lighting levels can vary a lot throughout the day. To truly see how a venue performs when it comes to light, make sure to tour the space at roughly the same time you plan to hold your event.

2. Focus on Well-Lit Venues

Make sure to focus on spaces that have lots of windows with natural light. If you're hosting an evening event, test out the overhead lights, and check out the number of outlets to ensure that ample numbers of outlets are available for LED lights and other illuminated decor. Also, ask about whether or not the function venue has a light designer on staff to help with your event.

3. Hire Full Ballrooms

With many function venues you can hire full rooms or just partial rooms. To make the most of the light, consider hiring the full space. Room dividers often cut off lighting, especially if the dividers separate your space from the windows.

4. Hire a Lighting Designer

If the venue doesn't offer a lighting designer or if you are working with a separate event planner, look for a company that has a lightning designer on staff. Look at portfolios if possible. Ideally, you want a professional who is used to creating decorative lightscapes as well as functional event lighting such as stage lights for entertainment or mood lighting around dining tables or dance floors.

5. Choose Decor That Shines

When doing your own decorations, consider improving light levels with shiny decor. Everything from disco balls, to metallic streamers, to shiny centerpieces helps to reflect light in the room. The more light you have bouncing around, the brighter the space will be.

6. Remember the Candles

In addition to affecting the mood of the event, candles can also increase the amount of light in the space. Consider integrating candles into table centerpieces, but also add candles on buffet tables, in wall sconces and throughout the decor in general.